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Name Blueberry
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Buy Bluebrry 100mg Online - Blueberry 100mg is mainly used to treat for erectile dysfuctions. 

Sidnafil Citrate 100mg
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Buy Blueberry 100mg Online

              Blueberry is composed of Sidnafil Citrate, an active ingredient, Sidnafil Citrate stems from the group of particular PDE 5 inhibitors and inert components.It has very soon absorption and it is a drug class of Tadalafil and it is also the base substance of brand Cialis.

                  Sidnafil Citrate Blueberry is the chemical name of Blueberry Super Active and it is also available in 100mg.

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possible side effects may manifest as:


Discomfort in stomach such as, pain or upset

Sour or acidic stomach



Precautions to be taken while ingesting Sidnafil Citrate:

                             Check with your physician  if you are allergic to sidnafil should inform your physician if  already you are taking medications like Nitrogylcerine, isosorbide mononitrate (Imdur, ISMO), or isosorbide dinitrate (Isordil) or taking steert drugs which have nitrates, vitamins, herbal supplements.women those who are pregnant,breastfeeding or having plans to get pregnant should impart this information to their physician. Taking  alcoholic beverages while using Tadalafil may affect you with heart disease, dizziness, nausea orchest pain.while taking Tadalafil drinking of grape juice or eating  grapes should be avoided.


                     Blueberry Sidnafil Citrate is recommended for relaxing muscles and some of the areas in the body.It is prefrebly used to treat erectile dysfunction and impotence in men. women those who are pregnant,breastfeeding or having plans to get pregnant should impart this information to their physician.patients of low BP, heart disease, kidney disease, any other  chronic disorders should avoid Cialis Super Active.


                  100mg Blueberry Sidnafil Citrate is recommended to take  before preferred time of sexual are allowed to increase or decrease the dosage of the medicine like 20mg/5mg according to its effectiveness  with proper consultation of your physician.

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